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Lasagne Catering Large 2.5 kg
100 containers / carton
Square Containers Code
Square Small C-FC320
Square Small Deep C-FC325
Square Catering C-FC360
Rectangular Containers Code
Single Serve Small 19 oz C-FC445
Single Serve Large 30 oz C-FC446
Dinner Pack Large 40 oz C-FC448
Dinner Pack Extra Large 1.12 kg C-FC441
Catering Large 1.1 kg C-FC442
Catering 2.4 kg Large C-FC460
Lasagne Catering Large 2.5 kg C-FC485
Lasagne Catering Large Deep 3 kg C-FC48

Various lids for various heating applications including ovenable and Poly lined.

Dual Ovenable Lids Code
To Suit C-FC360 C-LI360DU
To Suit C-FC442 C-LI442DU
To Suit C-FC445/446 C-LI445/446DU
Poly Lined Lids Code
To Suit C-FC320/325 C-LI320PP
To Suit C-FC360 C-LI360PP
To Suit C-FC445/446 C-LI445/446PP
To Suit C-FC448 C-LI448PP
To Suit C-FC460 C-LI460PP
To Suit C-FC485 C-LI485PP
To Suit C-FC663 / C-FC441 C-LI663PP
Foil Lined Lid Code
To Suit C-FC485 C-LI663PP
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Weight 8 kg

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