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The OnSite COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test is a lateral flow immunoassay for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus in nasopharyngeal (NP), or nasal swab specimens from individuals who are suspected of COVID-19, within the first seven days of the onset of symptoms.

Currently, the laboratory method for detecting COVID-19 is RT-PCR. However, this method requires sophisticated equipment and highly trained laboratory technicians. The OnSite COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test is easy to use, cost-efficient, and can be done at the point of care.

The test is intended for use by healthcare providers or personnel trained in rapid test procedures.


  • The OnSite COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test has 94.7% sensitivity and 100% specificity, aiding in early diagnosis by detecting viral components.
  • The OnSite COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test is a qualitative antigen detection test that provides results in 15 minutes.
  • Pre-filled extraction tubes simplify the test procedure.
  • This test is easy to use and does not require the use of laboratory equipment.
  • Compatible with CTK Rapid Test Reader (RTR-1)
    • 200 tests per hour in batch mode
    • Capable of connecting to Laboratory Information System (LIS)
    • Built-in barcode reader provides faster test setup
    • Stores up to 1,000 results, presented on-screen, via printout, or uploaded to a database

Product Specifications:

Reagents and Materials Provided:

  1. Individually sealed foil pouches containing:
    1. One cassette device
    2. One desiccant
  2. The sealed pouch containing pre-filled extraction tubes
  3. Sample extraction tube rack
  4. Nozzles
  5. Sterile swabs, each sealed in a plastic-paper pouch
  6. Instructions for Use (Available upon Request)

Materials Required but Not Provided:

  • Clock or timer

Materials May be Required but Not Provided:

  • Positive control
  • Negative control
  • Nasal swab

 Learn how to self-test using CTK’s OnSite COVID-19 Ag Self Test

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